Eddie Current



My Eddie Current amp needs repair. I am the original owner. The amp is still under warranty.

Give us a call or e-mail us. We'll take care of you.

I have an old out-of-warranty Eddie Current Amp that has exchanged hands across three continents. Will you convert it to accept 240V AC for free?

We would love to do things for free. Unfortunately, we don't live in Cuba or Iceland where the government gives people a lot of free stuff. However, for the cost of time and materials, we can convert Eddie Current gear to run at different outlet voltages. This rework can only be performed for the owner of record. A conversion can also be made by any qualified electronics repair shop near you. You may find that option a more cost effective choice.

What is the best way to send equipment back for inspection or repair?

Hopefully you will have kept the custom box and packing material. If not, you can purchase a custom box and inserts for your specific piece of gear. Eddie Current will not be responsible for any damage from improper packing. Please keep in mind that warranty coverage does not include shipping.

I am not the owner of record of an old Eddie Current amp that isn't working. Will you spend 274 minutes on the phone and exchange 37 e-mails in the span of three weeks to help me diagnose a problem?

Please contact us to transfer ownership of the amp to you. The fee is $100. Consider this a diagnostic fee if the amp is out of warranty. We'd be happy to help you after that.

I deeply regret that I sold my old Eddie Current amp. Can I buy another one?

Traitor! Absolutely not. Just kidding; we actually hear this quite a lot. We'd be happy to sell you another amp. We take extra special care of past customers, i.e. people who have actually given us money.

I need to cancel my order. Can I get a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are only refundable in special circumstances with a 5% restocking fee based on the total cost of the amp. This is because the deposit does go to pay for your amplifier parts, some of which need to be specially ordered.

I live in California, do I have to pay California sales tax?

Yes. If you have a problem with this, please take it up with with the California legislature.

Will you service Moth Audio products?

Sorry, but the answer is no. We are Eddie Current, not Moth.

I found a different tube type that happens to fit into the socket? Will it work?

Probably not. And even if the tube works, it's likely that the tube in question has different electrical characteristics that will stress other components of the amp. Running a tube that the amp is not designed for will void the warranty.

Can I use a tube adapter to run a different tube?

See above. There have been several incidents where owners used incorrect tube adapters.

Will you service an Eddie Current amp that was modified by Maestro-Modders?

Modifying your Eddie Current amp will not only immediately and permanently void the warranty, but also ensure that we will never touch your amp ever again. Trying to figure what other people may have done is a pain in the ass.

Will you upgrade my old amp to the latest version?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We usually make small running changes over time so it's unlikely that an amp purchased a few months ago is going to sound drastically different from the latest version.

My Zana Deux suddenly died. The filaments of the 6333C-B power triodes aren't lighting up.

The power circuits to the filaments of both tubes are wired in series. Because of this, when one tube goes bad, the other won't light up. You should change both tubes out at the same time as the expected lifetime of these tubes is about 5000 hours. Also, check the pins. The pins on these old Russian tubes can sometimes be corroded. Clean with steel wool.

What do you think of the bulbous wolf-penis shaped Le Fevre XTC1983 tube from 1919?

We recommend going to www.changstar.com or www.head-fi.org for tube advice. Tubes are a very personal choice.

Can I keep e-mailing you asking questions about your amps every few weeks or so for years on end?

Don't be surprised if your incoming e-mails end up getting routed to the spam folder. Statistically, you are unlikely to ever buy anything.

I am really mad that you won't service an out of warranty amp for free. I'm going to post on Head-Fi about this!

Go right ahead.

I'm slightly miffed that you didn't get back to me in 36 hours.

We apologize for the delay. Eddie Current is a boutique audio company. We don't used advanced helpdesk software like JIRA, so it sometimes takes us a while to get back to you. Other times we take vacations and need to sleep. Please don't be afraid to follow up. A friendly reminder does help.