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The premier manufacturer of vacuum tube headphone amplifiers for the audiophile


S T E P   I N T O   T H E   M U S I C . . . What is the sound of Eddie Current? The sound of engagement. Most other headphone amps sound pretty good at first, but in less than an hour of listening, either fatigue or boredom sets in. That's when you find yourself thinking about getting back to work, watching YouTube, or looking for a new amp. With Eddie Current amps, you'll never want to stop listening. They are designed to break the barrier between you and the music. This is why owners of Eddie Current gear eventually get fired from their jobs: they stay up too late into the wee hours of the morning listening to their amps.




Crisp, fast, clear, and lively; yet posessing an organic tone belying its solid-state circuitry and small footprint. Class A headphone amplifier using bipolar discrete transistors. No coupling caps and no FETs. Includes external shunt regulated power supply.




The sound of luxury. Let its euphony transport you into the twilight zone. OTL (output transformerless) single-ended headphone amplifier. 6C33C-B power triodes and 6SL7 driver. 6D22S rectifier tubes. NEW for 2015: "S" super version with Japanese oil paper caps and circuit tweaks.




Lush, organic, and spacious. The amp that set the initial bar for all headphone amplifiers. 6SN7 driver and 300B DHT balanced headamp and preamp with space-age high frequency filament heaters. NEW for 2015: Revised custom OPTs.




Powerful and spacious sound with the inherent warmth of the 2A3 tube. Interstage transformers eliminate capacitors in the signal path. Headphone and speaker amplifier with the high frequency filament heaters. 5842 driver and 6D22S rectifer tubes.




Neutral, detailed, and precisely layered with a sweet sweet top end unique to the 45 tube; yet with heft and impact from the paralleled output tube arrangement. Headphone and speaker amplifier with the high frequency filament heaters. 5842 driver and 6D22S rectifer tubes.



$7000 Introductory Pricing
Limited Run

We've been trying to keep this under wraps for a while, but unfortunately, the secret is out. This is the best amp that Eddie Current builds. It's all about speed, resolution, space, and accuracy. The topology is similar to the 2A3mk4, but with internal improvements. A 45 tube version can be built upon request.

Because of the rarity of some of the components used, this will be a very limited run. It's possible that by this time, it may already be too late. Don't worry, as we are working on a plan B for the far future, but this is going to take time, lots of time. However, this is as good as it gets for now.

For more information and to sign up on the waiting list, please
Alternatively, you can contact Eddie Current directly via e-mail or telephone.

Inquiries for loaners, review units, or accommodations by the audio press or secret audio societies will be expressly denied by Eddie Current. We have to take care of our customers first. We hope you understand. However, you are always welcome to visit us in sunny Calabasas for a listen. You may even spot a Kardashian or two.
Eddie Current Warranty

All Eddie Current-made products come with a five year warranty for parts and labor. For other manufacturers' gear sold by Eddie Current, the warranty is 90 days for parts and labor.
Eddie Current does not warranty tubes and supplies them only as a courtesy to customers. Tube warranties must go through the manufacturer.
  Warranty Transferability and Service for Pre-owned Gear

Warranties on Eddie Current gear can be transferred from the original purchaser to a new owner for a fee of $100. Once this fee is paid, the new owner will be noted as the owner of record. Unfortunately, Eddie Current can not service gear for someone who is not the owner of record.

For more information or an opportunity to listen to Eddie Current products, contact Craig Uthus at cuthus@charter.net or call (818) 224-3782.