Eddie Current



"Fuck you, I quit."
"You can't talk to the head engineer of Harmon that way."
"I just did."

Hence the seeds for Eddie Current were planted. It is this independent spirit of working differently that allows Eddie Current to craft such fine sounding amplifiers. No cost cutting in crucial areas from corporate bean counters, no stupid ideas from vice presidents, no meddling from managers with MBA degrees.

Eddie Current was created by audio designer Craig Uthus, who has become known for his expertise in vacuum tube technology and understanding of audio engineering. Whether it's listening to the riff of one guitar or a sixty member symphony, Craig knows how to deliver the rich soundstage a natural reproduction of the performance.

Craig formerly worked for UREI, which was acquired by JBL Pro Audio, and Surround Sound, Inc., the very first company to develop and launch surround sound home theater to the world. Potential employees at UREI had to pass technical tests and had to have designed real equipment in order to be hired. Engineers with fancy degrees and no real world experience were turned away.

Craig has also designed components for other manufacturers and served as a consultant. In 1994, Craig returned to his first audio passion, vacuum tube technology. He approached art designer Joel Marshall about forming a unique audio company bringing back tube sound in the midst of the digital sound revolution. With Craig doing the design and circuits and Joel using his art expertise to create a very specific look in a high-end product line, Moth Audio was founded with a very different approach to hifi. (You can visit the Moth Museum at www.mothmuseum.com)

The first product on Moth's design bench was a headphone amp. The goal was to create a listening experience without compromise. Moth's product line was reviewed in Stereophile as accomplishing that goal with looks to match. Similar reviews were published in Robb Report, Absolute Sound, Listener Magazine, and Vacuum Tube Valley.

In 2005, Craig developed Eddie Current to offer sophisticated listeners a similar, affordable sound experience through online direct sales. His approachable manner in sharing his audio expertise with others, unsurpassed customer support and unwavering commitment in designing and developing amplifiers that perfect the art of listening is now known around the world.