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Welcome to the Eddie Current audio boutique of high-end vacuum tube headphone amplifiers, solid state headphone amplifiers and custom gear for the audiophile.

What is the sound of Eddie Current?

The sound of engagement. With Eddie Current amps, you’ll never want to stop listening.  Most headphone amps sound dynamic at first, but in less than an hour listening fatigue occurs—when you find yourself thinking about getting back to work, watching TV, or searching for a new amp...

Every Eddie Current amp is designed to break the sound barrier between you and the music--producing the pure joy of  listening.

Your investment in Eddie Current gear is backed by an established reputation of award-winning audio and unprecedented customer service and support to maximize your listening enjoyment. And, because Eddie Current sells direct, the pricing is exceptional too.

All Eddie Current gear is designed and hand-crafted under the supervision of Craig Uthus, who has masterfully recaptured the rich, warm sound of vacuum tube technology for today’s music aficionado.

New! Electra                      New! 445

Balancing Act              Zana DeuxSE                2A3/MKII & MKIV         New! Red Top 

-- Eddie Current Production Schedule --

*** The new Balancing Act now features Cinemag output transformers for optimum performance. See page for details and ordering. 

*** Eddie Current's signature amp the Zana Deux now comes with a new capacitor that improves speed, resolution and clarity for exceptional listening. In production now. See page for details and ordering. 

*** Now taking for the 445 headphone speaker amp.

*** Now taking pre-orders for the solid state Red Top high end portable amp.

*** Now taking pre-orders for the Electra with new features. 

*** For all you DIYers, check out our new page featuring the first EC DIY project, the Monolith.


*** Music Hi Fi Taiwan where you can both demo and buy gear direct! Visit http://www.hifi.com.tw

*** Save Audio Hong Kong where you can both demo and buy gear direct! Visit save-audio.com Tel 86-18261165666. 

*** Yue Ying Audio Beijing, China features our line of amps to demo and buy direct! For more information, visit http://www.yueyingaudio.com

Follow these links to amp reviews: Inner Fidelity: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/eddie-current-balancing-act & 6moons http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/eddiecurrent3/1.html


Eddie Current Warranty: All Eddie Current-made products come with a 5-year warranty for parts and labor. (See ordering pdf for warranty description) For other manufacturers' amps sold by Eddie Current, the warranty is 90 days for parts and labor. Eddie Current does not warranty tubes and supplies them only as a courtesy to customers. Tube warranties must go through the manufacturer.

For more information, reviews or an opportunity to listen to Eddie Current products, contact Craig Uthus at
cuthus@charter.net or call (818) 224-3782.

 If you would like to visit the Moth Museum: http://www.mothmuseum.com

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