Eddie Current



The Balancing Act brings a new level of listening luxury to high-end audio. Painstakingly created with custom features built into the unit for the discriminating audiophile, the BA delivers sublime listening pleasure. It is also designed to serve as a preamp and will drive balanced lines for optimum speaker listening enjoyment. When it's all about the music, the Balancing Act is your performance soundstage. Even the hardest-to-drive headphones will sound simply amazing.


  • Inputs: 1 pair balanced, 3 pairs unbalanced.
  • Rear outputs: 1 pair balanced for line out, 1 pair tape out.
  • Front outputs: 1 four pin balanced, 2 three pin balanced, 1 1/4” unbalanced.
  • External low noise Toroid power transformer, with 4-foot detachable umbilical cord.
  • Control Panel: Volume, four input selector, pre/headphone select.
  • The new Eddie Current contact pressure adjustable UX4 socket with silver pins for 300B / new PX-4 (UX-4 base) or 2A3/45 output tubes.
  • Graded potentiometer.
  • Separate power supply: Two transformers, uses two 6X4 rectifier tubes (not included), dual regulated B+ supplies, 18 watt 50kHz discrete power amplifier with current limiting. Adjustable voltage meter.
  • Output transformers are now custom designed by Cinemag offering more bandwidth and lower source resistance, distortion, and phase shift, delivering optimum detailed music retrieval.
  • Power into HD600 headphones 280mW
  • Power into Grado RS1 headphones 1.5 watts
  • AC Outlet can be 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions and weights:
    • BA wtih tubes 11"H x 12.25"W x 13.5"D; W=16.5lbs
    • Power supply 13"W x 14"D x 4.5"H; W=16lbs


  • Suitable headphone load 16 ohms to 600 ohms.
  • Exceptional synergy (not an exhaustive list) with the following headphones: Sennheiser HD800, HD600; HiFiMan HE-560, HE-500, HE-400; Beyer T1, DT880; Fostex TH900, TH600; Audeze LCD2 , LCD-X; Reference Sounds Paradox, Slants, Enigmas Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs, Alpha Dogs, Alpha Dog Primes; Oppo PM-1, PM-2, Grado.


"To wrap up and considering the competition, the Eddie Current Balancing Act is a clear Blue Moon Award winner as a headphone driver with first-class add-on preamp functionality" -Srajan Ebaen, Publisher 6 Moons
Full review: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/eddiecurrent3/1.html

"I'll cut straight to the core of my sonic impressions and flat-out declare this amp, easily heard within the first few minutes of listening, to offer the most expansive, most realistic soundstaging of any headphone amp I have ever listened to. Its damn right other-worldly, and is simply instant transportation into something very hard to describe but easily heard and felt." -Ryan Clarin, reviewer, Innerfidelity.com
Innerfidelity review: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/eddie-current-balancing-act


Retired Product

Plus shipping. Tubes not included

Purchase options:
  • EML Mesh 300B Tubes $650* per set (when available)
  • EH 300B Tubes $225* per set
  • Tungsol 6SN7 $20* per set
  • 6X4 rectifier tubes $20* per set
  • Inquire about custom upgrades for tubes and potentiometer
*Prices subject to change based on market conditions.